Bar Puppa, Cannaregio 4800


Bar Puppa,  Cannaregio 4800

The sign announces “Pastry” and the expectation is high, but once inside the disappointment is burning. It seems to be in a wine bar: bottles everywhere and large trays of pizzas. There are “also” two types of brioche: with or without jam, unfortunately hot. Coffee is Illy but the manager – Sino-Indian-Middle Eastern (?) with the property of only  few Italian words – totally lacking of theoretical and practical knowledge to produce a decent cappuccino: he also proposes to extend it with cold milk! Only the style of bench, with the steel plate, maintains a labile sufficiency.

Rating: UNABLE

L’insegna annuncia “Pasticceria” e l’aspettativa è alta, ma una volta entrati la delusione è bruciante. Sembra di essere dentro una enoteca: bottiglie in ogni dove e gran vassoi di pizzette. Ci sono “anche” due tipi di brioche: con o senza marmellata, sfortunatamente calde. Il caffè è Illy ma il gestore – cino-indio-mediorientale (?) con la proprietà di poche parole di italiano – manca totalmente delle conoscenze teorico-pratiche per produrre un cappuccino dignitoso; propone anche di allungarlo con latte freddo! Solo il disegno del bacone con il piano in acciaio mantiene una labile sufficienza.



2 thoughts on “Bar Puppa, Cannaregio 4800

  1. Let me tell dear blogger friend that if your attention was not only about discovering some problems in the breakfasts served to you in town you would have noticed that the owner , native of Bangladesh if you that was a curiosity , just started managing the “pasticceria Puppa” from former owner Mr Puppa , a master over 50 years experience that retired recently, is true that the sign outside might trick non-residents or people from another part of Venice , but Massud an hard working man ,now there prepares beautiful samozas and oriental rice and other asian-influenced ” cicchetti ” that people like us of the neighbourhood adore , a little of bit more sensibility in judging people you do not know anything about counts more than the quantity of cold or hot milk in your cappuccino . rating for you : go get a starbuck’s

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